What is MycoApply?

MycoApply® mycorrhizal inoculant for superior plant performance

MycoApply® is an organic, scientifically proven product which naturally helps the establishment and growth of most ornamental, vegetable, horticultural, grass and broad acre plant species. It provides active nutrient and water uptake while reducing the need for chemical fertiliser when used in conjunction with standard or organic inputs.

By simply adding to potting mix, watering in, root dipping or seed coating, MycoApply® will naturally improve plant vigor and extend your plant’s root system; providing drought tolerance, increased yields and disease resistance.

The Benefits of MycoApply®
MycoApply® inoculant contains VA Mycorrhizae fungal spores that germinate and grow as microscopic filaments, these then attach and penetrate the roots of most plants to form a symbiotic state. The filaments absorb water and nutrients from the soil and deliver them to the plant. In return the plant provides essential sugars and other nutrients to the Mycorrhizal fungi.

Bigger root growth
MycoApply® promotes growth-stimulating compounds which cause the plant to produce additional roots on which the fungi can grow. The fungi form an extensive filament system within the soil that complements and increases the plant root system for nutrient uptake. Sequestering more carbon than without inoculation (approximately 30% increase).               

Improves uptake of nutrients
MycoApply® also produces compounds that dissolve hard to absorb elements such as phosphorous, iron and other partially soluble soil nutrients. These extraction processes are particularly important in plant nutrition and improve the plants ability to take-up nutrients in comparison to non-inoculated plants.

Increased drought tolerance
MycoApply® also actively produces humic compounds and organic ‘glues’ that bind soil particles together, improving soil porosity and soil structure. Studies have demonstrated that MycoApply® improves the plant’s ability to tolerate and recover from water deficits.

Economy of Use
MycoApply® forms an association with the plant that will persist with the plant and provides continual biological support, the early addition of MycoApply® ensures the best plant health from a one off application. It can also be applied to help with restoration of turf grass, enhance establishment of plantings and seed coating for improved broad acre crops.

Why use MycoApply®
Soils in natural environs are full of beneficial micro-organisms along with mycorrhizal fungi. Activities including cultivation, excessive use of chemical fertilisers, fumigation, heat treatment, removal of topsoil, and leaving soil without vegetation for a period of time, all reduce the population of mycorrhizae in the soil. MycoApply® adds an important biological component to your growing systems, for improved plant performance and a cleaner, greener environment.

MycoApply®, the effective and environmentally friendly solution for plant growth